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The United States consulate in Monterrey reports

Guest blog: Consulate General of the United States in Monterrey

Due to the COVID–19 pandemic, elements of the H2 Visa process have undergone several changes that will last at least until the end of 2020. While H2 visa applicants remain required to find a company with a valid petition in the United States, as well as complete the DS-160 and pay the application fee of 190 U.S. dollars, applicants no longer need to appear at the Consulate unless requested. This is true for both first-time and returning applicants. 

The agents designated by the petitioner or authorized representatives of the company will give the passports and applications to the Consulate. Most visas are being adjudicated remotely, and the passports with the printed visas will be returned to the agents or representatives afterwards. If an interview is required, the Consulate will notify the applicant or his or her representative. Appointments are limited. New safety procedures have been put in place, including hand sanitizing stations,  and mandatory social distancing.

The Consulate does not recruit people. False recruiters frequently claim that they have their office at the same address as the US Consulate in Monterrey. This is not true! No Consulate employee is involved in the recruitment process. Fraudulent recruiters frequently state they have contacts inside the Consulate that will facilitate the visa process. Again, this is not true! Please avoid scams and do not trust in recruiters that claim to work with or to have contacts inside the Consulate. They are lying to you.

The visa fee is 190 U.S. dollars, and must be deposited into one of the official accounts at either Banamex or Scotiabank. This fee is the only payment that the applicant should make. Under certain types of petitions, the employer must reimburse the visa fee. Do not trust recruiters that require you to pay additional fees or that want you to pay the cost of the visa through different payment methods, like personal accounts, or in cash. Charging for a job opportunity or for an H2 visa is not legal. 

A COVID-19 test, or any other type of medical examination is not required for the visa. Do not trust recruiters that require you to pay for these type of tests. 

COVID-19 has presented unique and unprecedented challenges to the United States and Mexico, but we recognize the importance of the H2 program to the both countries’ economies, and are committed to processing as many visas as possible while ensuring the safety of our staff and applicants. For more information about the H2 visa program including how to make the 190 U.S. dollar payment, see  

Please help us protect you from getting sick and stop the spread of this illness.  If your employer puts you in cramped housing, does not allow for proper social distancing, or does not provide you with the ability to wash your hands, you can call the Occupational Safety and Health Administration: 1-800-321-OSHA (6742).