Agricultural Guest Workers Recruitment Organization (AGWRO)

Recruitment Agency: Agricultural Guest Workers Recruitment Organization (AGWRO)

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Public record information
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User-submitted information
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Office Address: 
United States
Region of Operation: 
United States
Visa offered: 

Summary of reviews

Recruitment conditions

They charged me for the job offer:
Yes (1) No (13)

They charged me money but didn’t get me the job:
Yes (1) No (13)

They gave me a loan:
Yes (1) No (13)

Did they charge interest?
With high interest ()
With low interest ()
Without interest ()

They gave me a work contract:
Yes (6) No (7)

The work was what I was promised:
Yes (5) No (7)

Recruitment practices

They treated me the same as everyone else:
Yes (11) No (2)

I think it was because of my:
race ()
nationality (1)
language ()
sex ()
age ()
sexual orientation ()
other ()

They punished me for making a complaint or for defending my rights:
Yes () No (13)

The punishment was:
They didn't hire me again ()
Now they don't hire my relatives ()
They retained my personal documents ()
They threatened me ()
Other ()

They retained my personal documents:
Yes () No (13)

They threatened me:
Yes () No (13)

They physically assaulted me:
Yes () No (13)

They verbally assaulted me:
Yes () No (13)

They sexually assaulted me:
Yes () No (13)

They kept me somewhere against my will:
Yes () No (13)


This is fake agency.They will take your money through fake arrangement of medical insurance (
well-tailored scam
At first I and my friends did not believe the program. However I decided to try and my Form I-129, Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker, with Receipt Number WAC********* [edited to remove personal information] was also approved on March 7, 2016. There was no payment of visa fee and my flight ticket was sponsored by Agricultural Guest Workers Recruitment Organization.
This is a fake agency and they will just take your money. Do not use or trust this agency. Look up the address, it doesn't exist.