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Employer: City of Thornton

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Visa offered: 

Summary of reviews

Employment conditions

The work was what I was promised:
Yes (2) No (0)

They paid me an adequate salary:
Yes (2) No (0)

They paid me for all the hours that I worked:
Yes (2) No (0)

They provided me with pay stubs:
Yes (2) No (0)

The work hours were:
insufficient (0) good (1) too many (0)

They provided me with everything I needed to do my work safely and healthily:
Yes (1) No (0)

They paid me return travel costs to my community:
Yes (0) No (1)

They paid my travel costs to the U.S. from my community:
Yes (1) No (0)

They paid the cost of the visa:
Yes (0) No (1)

They provided me with housing:
Yes (1) No (0)

The housing was dignified:
Yes (1) No (0)

Employment practices

They treated me the same as everyone else:
Yes (2) No (0)

I think it was because of my:
race (0)
nationality (0)
language (0)
sex (0)
age (0)
sexual orientation (0)
other (0)

They punished me for making a complaint or for defending my rights:
Yes (0) No (1)

The punishment was:
They gave me more hours (0)
They gave me less hours (0)
They gave me more difficult tasks (0)
They threatened me (0)
They fired me (0)
They didn't hire me again (0)
They retained my personal documents (0)
Other (0)

They retained my personal documents:
Yes (0) No (2)

They threatened me:
Yes (0) No (2)

They physically assaulted me:
Yes (0) No (2)

They verbally assaulted me:
Yes (0) No (2)

They sexually assaulted me:
Yes (0) No (2)

They kept me somewhere against my will:
Yes (0) No (2)


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Employment conditions

Employment conditions continued

Employment practices

Employment practices continued

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