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Adareli Ponce, winner of the contest Migrant Woman: Tell Me Your Story

Today, Adareli Ponce Hern├índez, an active member of the Migrant Defense Committee, was honored as one of the winners of the contest Migrant Woman: Tell Me Your Story. The essay contest is organized by Mexico’s National Institute of Women and seeks to reward women who have migrated to and from Mexico. In an interview with, Adareli tells us about her impressions.

Adareli, how do you feel about winning the contest Migrant Woman: Tell Me Your story?

I feel very happy for this achievement that I got today. And I thank all those who accompanied me today.

What did you get from your experience after 10 seasons as a migrant worker?

Now I know my rights, and I know that if I go to work again, I will not go with the same fear. The truth is that if I compare how I feel right now with the first time I left, I can say that today I am a woman more sure of myself. Now I am a stronger woman.

What would you like to say to other women migrant workers like you?

Fight for your dreams; nothing is impossible. We can’t let ourselves be overwhelmed. Don’t let them tell us that we can’t do something because we are women. We have so many dreams, so many goals ... we can and we must achieve them to move forward!