Recruiter: Alfredo Gutiérrez

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Office Address: 
Estado de México MEX
Region of Operation: 
+52 1 55 3585 3603
Visa offered: 
Hotels/Hospitality Services

Summary of reviews

Recruitment conditions

They charged me for the job offer:
Yes (1) No (0)

They charged me money but didn’t get me the job:
Yes (0) No (0)

They gave me a loan:
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Did they charge interest?
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With low interest (0)
Without interest (0)

They gave me a work contract:
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The work was what I was promised:
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Recruitment practices

They treated me the same as everyone else:
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I think it was because of my:
race (0)
nationality (0)
language (0)
sex (0)
age (0)
sexual orientation (0)
other (0)

They punished me for making a complaint or for defending my rights:
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The punishment was:
They didn't hire me again (0)
Now they don't hire my relatives (0)
They retained my personal documents (0)
They threatened me (0)
Other (0)

They retained my personal documents:
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They threatened me:
Yes (0) No (0)

They physically assaulted me:
Yes (0) No (0)

They verbally assaulted me:
Yes (0) No (0)

They sexually assaulted me:
Yes (0) No (0)

They kept me somewhere against my will:
Yes (0) No (0)


Esta persona se hace pasar por reclutador inventando que él consigue trabajo en Custer, South Dakota, cosa que es mentira, sólo es un ESTAFADOR. Si según él dice que trabaja en el hotel de Custer en el área de alimentos, entonces por qué él se hace pasar por un reclutador. ES OBVIO QUE ES UNA ESTAFA. Un simple empleado no puede contratar gente y menos haciendose pasar por un reclutador.