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If you are a migrant worker in Florida, here are resources for support during the COVID-19 pandemic

Florida is experiencing one of the strongest COVID-19 outbreaks in the country, and the governor, exhibiting strong prejudice, has blamed migrant farmworkers. But migrant workers have pointed out that the state government reacted late and with insufficient resources to protect the population, especially those in agricultural fields. 

If you or your loved ones are in Florida, here are some resources that may be useful to protect yourself or look for help and support.

  • There is a collection of resources for support for workers and immigrants in Florida, compiled by Central Florida Jobs with Justice. The site includes hotlines for medical, legal, and social services; information specifically for refugees; news and updates on the situation; advice for working during the pandemic, and more. You can find resources in English here.

  • Community Justice Project has information about eviction moratoriums in Florida, as well as information about your housing and human rights. More information here.

  • Here is a list of resources for the immigrant community in Florida, compiled by Informed Immigrant. The list contains hotlines and food distribution sites. If you don’t see the Florida-specific resources initially, click the ‘Florida’ tab on the left of the site. Link here. 

  • Here is a list of mutual aid programs in Florida, compiled by Mutual Aid Disaster Relief. Scroll to the bottom or search ‘Florida’ to find resources specifically for Florida here.

  • The Florida State Government Department of Health has a COVID-19 information page that is constantly updated with the latest news. Link here. A list of COVID-19 testing sites can be found here.

We invite you to consult our initial blog about national resources for mutual aid during the COVID-19 pandemic in the U.S. We are continuing to compile state-level resources, particularly for some states that have high populations of migrant workers or are in dangerous situations.

You can find out about current available resources. For more information or help, you can contact Centro de los Derechos del Migrante (CDM):


Free call from the United States: 1.855.234.9699

Free call from Mexico: 800 590 1773