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New video explains how Contratados can help migrant workers avoid recruitment fraud

A new video sheds light on recruitment fraud and how can help put an end the problem. In the video, Adarely Ponce Hernández speaks about her experience as a recruitment fraud victim. She recounts how she lost several hundred dollars after being deceived by several con men during her quest to obtain a temporary work visa. “If this page [] had existed 6 of 7 years ago when I suffered [at the hands of con men], it would have really helped me. It would have helped me avoid the loss of a lot of money.”

“Regarding Contratados, I can say that is is a magnificent page,” explains the Hidalgo native. “I think that many of us can access an internet café [...] and [Contratados] could help us avoid recruitment fraud.” Ponce Hernández, a member of the Migrante Defense Committee, has worked for 8 seasons in the United States with an H-2B visa. Currently, Ponce Hernández continues to work seasonally in Louisiana in the crab industry.

The video was created by Lindsay Van Dyke in collaboration with the Centro de los Derechos del Migrante, Inc.