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Video Series: Know Your Rights

This video series, developed by Centro de los Derechos del Migrante (CDM), in collaboration with National COSH puts tools in immigrant and migrant workers’ hands through four bilingual videos that cover some of their fundamental rights to a safe and healthy workplace. The videos also explain how workers can organize to ensure their rights are respected.

Marilú has recently begun working at a poultry plant and has quickly become aware of the persistent health and safety hazards that place her and her colleagues in constant jeopardy. Moreover, those who dare to voice their concerns often face retaliation and violations of their workers’ rights. In the four videos featured in the campaign, Lupita, an experienced worker, imparts her knowledge to Marilú and her coworker Gustavo regarding workers’ rights, how to assert them, and the importance of organizing to ensure their voices are heard.

Feel free to share the videos with your communities.

1. Your Workplace: Realities of Protein Processing Workers (Download video here)

2. Retaliation (Download video here)

3. Taking Action Together: Documentation (Download video here)

4. Know Your Rights: OSHA (Download video here)