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Knowing my rights as a worker in the United States. Contracts and important information to consider.

Work conditions, benefits, rights, guarantees and promises employers make to workers are some of the terms included in a contract. As a H-2 worker, you are entitled to a copy of your contract before you start working. 

Many times, employers use a job order as a contract. A job order is a document filed by the employer with the United States government when requesting a permit to hire foreign workers. In this case, not only does it contain promises made to workers, but also to the United States government. If the employer is not fulfilling the work conditions stated in the contract, not only are they failing you, but also failing the government. 

Some of the most important information to consider on a contract is:

  1. Name of the company, this is really important, especially if you have it before starting the process, since it could help confirm before the US Consulate if the  company is certified to hire H-2 workers. Learn more about how to verify a job offer here

  2. Work duration, in case the job order is terminated early and the three-fourths guarantee could apply. 

  3. Work hours and remuneration should be listed on the job order so you can compare this information against your paystubs, as well as promised hours and those actually worked.

  4. Place of work, which states where the workplace is located so you can confirm if you’re effectively working in the place of work stated in the contract.

  5. Benefits and work conditions guaranteed on your contract, i. e.: to provide training before starting your new job, to provide work tools and protective gear; housing and transportation, productivity bonuses, etc. 

It is important for you to check all terms and conditions of employment listed on your contract, and compare them with your real working conditions. You can reach out to us if you have any questions. We could offer free and confidential support through SOL, or by calling 800 590 1773 (from Mexico) or 1 855 234 9699 (from the US), Monday through Friday from 9 to 5 MT.

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